Flipper's Fill Station

Hands down the BEST fills in Northeast Florida!! Nobody provides better fills and at a better value than Flipper's. Tired of hot/short fills? Come see us, you won't be disappointed.

17,000 cubic feet of banked gas ready to go! That's 12,000 cubic ft of banked 32% nitrox and 5,000 cubic ft of air. We keep a large supply of pure diving grade oxygen and helium on hand as well for those custom tech fills!

Air & Nitrox: 

Air - $5 per tank

Nitrox - $10 per tank (up to 40%)

Custom Fills:

100% oxygen - $.60/cubic Ft.

100% helium - $3/cubic Ft.


Want Even Cheaper Gas??

 Nitrox Fill Cards:

20 Fill Card - $180 ($9/Fill)

50 Fill Card - $400 ($8/fill)

100 Fill Card - $700 ($7/fill)

 Air Fill Cards:

20 Fill Card - $90 ($4.50/Fill)

50 Fill Card - $200 ($4.00/fill)

100 Fill Card - $350 ($3.50/fill)

Buy Gas Now!

Our gas is tested regularly to ensure we are providing only the cleanest and safest breathing gas for our divers.

We produce CGA Grade E breathing gas, which is approved for diving activities. All oxygen and helium gases are diving grade provided from and tested by Airgas of Jacksonville, FL.

Our team holds gas blending certifications from the International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers (IANTD).

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