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Edge - Hog Dive Equipment

Edge Nano Safe Second Stage Octopus

Edge Nano Safe Second Stage Octopus

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  • Yellow EDGE Nano Octopus with 40” Yellow Edge-Flex Hose.

    The perfect no frills octopus for any recreational design! Small compact design with a flexible hose.  Rugged and economical, this octopus is a great choice for a new diver’s rig or can take the high-use demands of a rental department. It can also be used with either Air or Nitrox up to 40 % right out-of-the-box. The sturdy ABS/Polycarbonate 2nd stage with Soft Push Silicone purge cover and soft bite mouthpiece weighs just 5.2 oz. and measures 3.25” by 2.5”. The small internal case dimensions results in an extremely low in water breathing effort.

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