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Blue Steel Kaplan

FX23 3 liter Faber Steel Cylinder

FX23 3 liter Faber Steel Cylinder

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About Faber HP23(3L) Steel Tank-

This is a Faber 3 liter rebreather cylinder.  They are also called 23 cubic foot high pressures and are rated to 3442PSI

Tanks come as cylinder only valves are available separately.

·  Hot Spray Zinc Galvanized base

·  White or Black epoxy based coating

·  Clear Polyurethane sealant finish Creates a Durable corrosion resistant finish

·  Phosphatized internal treatment

·  Great for rebreathers. Check with your rebreather manufacturer for proper size


Cylinders sold with standard right hand valve.  please contact us if you need a different valve type.

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