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Highland Tec-Rec Backplate & Harness

Highland Tec-Rec Backplate & Harness

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Highland Tec/Rec Harnesses come complete with high-quality hardware. From the dedicated harness webbing to the shoulder pads, the quality of this harness is evident throughout.

• Available with your choice of backplate
• Classic minimalist harness
• Simple, continuous weave design can be easily customized
• The 2 in (50 mm) nylon web is specifically sourced for harness and crotch strap application Tec/Rec Harness
• Includes two 5 mm thick neoprene shoulder pads (p/n HL805)
• Includes 6 D-ring attachment points (2 waist, 2 shoulders, 2 crotch strap)
• Includes adjustable crotch strap (p/n HL810)
• Assembly not included The harness is also available by itself (p/n HL803), without the backplate or shoulder pads. It includes the crotch strap, waist buckle, D-rings and retainers

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