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Highland Vortex Regulator

Highland Vortex Regulator

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The Vortex is a technical diving regulator that lends itself well to cold, deep, and extended range diving. It configures nicely with sidemount and twin cylinder systems. The outstanding performance is a requirement for the Vortex to be branded Highland.

  • Suitable for cold water use in water temperatures below 50°F / 10°C
  • Compatible with EAN40 right out of the box
  • Available with DIN or yoke connection
  • Comes with a custom designed Miflex braided hose. Miflex hoses are lightweight and extremely flexible

1st Stage:
• A 5th port located on the end of a swivel turret allows for optimum hose configuration for sidemount or twin cylinder setups
• An external, secondary diaphragm keeps water out of the main spring chamber preventing ice buildup
• Heat exchanger ribs, integrated into the main body, provide added thermal protection, minimizing the chance of freeze-up
• Two high-pressure ports allow for use of a computer transmitter along with an analog back-up gauge
• A black chrome finish, with a high quality PVD coating on the heat exchanger, means that the Vortex regulator is durable and prepared for all environments

2nd Stage:
• Pneumatically balanced for superior breathing performance
• An adjustment control knob allows the diver to dial in the inhalation resistance
• An integrated venturi lever allows the diver to shut down the venturi assist when the regulator is out of the mouth
• A Comfy-bite mouthpiece, with palate bridge, eliminates jaw fatigue
• A heat exchanger warms the second stage valve providing effective freeze resistance
• The purge button has a limited throw, minimizing the chance of a freeze-up
• This second stage is fully reversible left/right using the conversion kit (see below)
• Technicians will enjoy the convenient micro-adjuster located within the adjustment knob

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