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Koah Spare Shaft Holder

Koah Spare Shaft Holder

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The new and vastly improved spare shaft holder. Built for finned shafts from strong commercial grade starboard that will never dry out crack or fade. The Spare shaft holder now has a replaceable high durometer rubber insert that slides into the back of the holder to insure the spear stays tight in the holder. Front clip keeps the shaft tight to the speargun. Rear holder has slot on the top and bottom for the loading fin to keep the shaft from spinning. Comes with mounting screws and installation instructions. Drilled for both 5/16 or 9/32 shafts.



You want to mount the holder on the left side of the gun as the right side has the line release. You want to start with the back larger rectangle piece. Position it on the side of the gun to where the front of the holder lines up with the back of the handle in the middle of the right side of the gun. Drill a 1/8 pilot hole in the back hole of the holder and insert the screw. Snug it down but do not tighten yet. Leave the front hole alone for now. Then move up to the front clip. On the fatback it goes behind the 3rd band hole, on the roller It goes in the position where the gun swoops back out after the muzzle kicker band hole. Its just big enough for the clip. Position it to where the bottom of the clip is flush with the bottom of the gun. Drill a pilot for the front hole in the clip and snug down the screw. Now both the front clip and back holder should be able to swivel. Insert a shaft in the holder and line it up to where it lines up with the front clip. Do not snap the shaft into the front clip, just lay shaft on front clip and position. Once positioned move the shaft off the clip and drill the back pilot hole and insert the screw and tighten both. Do the same for the back holder. Once complete insert the shaft in the back holder and snap into the clip. 

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