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Blue Steel Kaplan

LP85 Faber Steel Cylinder

LP85 Faber Steel Cylinder

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Includes:  Blue Steel PRO Valve, Tank, Current Hydro, VIP and Tank boot 

Faber Steel Cylinders Feature:

  • 2640psi (180 bar) working pressure
  • Phosphatized-cleaned interior
  • O2 cleaned for use with up to 40% pre-blended nitrox
  • Includes rubber self-draining tank boot with round rim
  • Inlet thread is standard ¾”-14 NPSM

The Faber Blue Steel Scuba Tanks are manufactured in Italy by Faber. All Blue Steel cylinders are manufactured to the highest standards in the diving industry. Each Blue Steel tank is drawn from high quality Chromium Molybdenum steel, then thoroughly cleaned using a proprietary Phosphatized process. The entire tank is triple Zinc protected, then finished with an internal epoxy coating and a durable Polyurethane external coating. Every Blue Steel scuba tank we carry is Nitrox ready. All of our Blue Steel tanks come equipped with a Faber conversion valve (200 BAR DIN/Yoke insert).

Tanks are shipped empty, plugged and valve packaged individually.  VIP sticker included.  Some dive shops may not accept an empty cylinder with fresh VIP to fill and may require a new VIP to be performed.  Please check with local dive shop prior to purchase so you know what to expect.

Hot Dip Galvanized

The most durable, corrosion-free exterior finish possible. The process involves submerging
the cylinder into molten zinc. The zinc metallurgically bonds to the steel.

Stated Volume 85 cu ft
Capacity 85 cu ft / 13 liters
Service Pressure 2640 psi / 180 bar
**Buoyancy Full - 3.8 lbs / -1.72 kg
**Buoyancy Empty 2.32 lbs /1.05
Weight Empty 31.2 lbs / 14.15 kg
Outside Diameter 7.0” / 177 mm
Length 25.98 / 66 cm

We ship cylinders with the “freshest” possible hydro date. We are limited in some models because of high manufacturing quantities and relatively low sales volume. Please understand, that steel cylinder shipped to your location within 18 months from date of manufacture are considered “current hydro” and not subject to further discounts.

Faber steel cylinders are cleaned at the factory for oxygen-enriched service up to 40% pre-blended nitrox. If you intend to use this cylinder for oxygen-enriched service, it is the responsibility of the cylinder user to ensure that the cylinder and all components are maintained in a proper state of oxygen cleanliness in strict accordance with regulatory requirements and industry standards.

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