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Palm 02 Oxygen Analyzer

Palm 02 Oxygen Analyzer

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Palm 02 Oxygen Analyzer

Simple to use . . . accurate reliable results
One touch calibration . . . 100% O2 or air
Long battery life . . . 13,000 hrs of use
Advanced sensor technology
Certified ISO 9001:2008 QA System

This palm size oxygen analyzer features an advanced galvanic oxygen sensor that measures from 0.05% to 100% oxygen over a 32 month operating life with no maintenance required. 13,000 hours of battery use and wide variety of optional accessories make it an ideal cost effective choice for checking O2 levels of compressed air scuba tanks and Nitrox mixes.

  • Portable accurate and affordable
  • Durable sealed impact resistant housing
  • One button calibration in either Air or 100% Oxygen
  • User-replaceable Oxygen sensor maintains accuracy
  • Typical sensor life of 36 months


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